I want it bigger.

As a reference: in central Europe addition rooms cost roughly 3-5k. They can be added later or right from the start. The site will be updated with bigger versions soon.

All models are code compliant all over the globe.

Benefits & returns.

Mortgage free within 2-5 years.

Rent it.
Cheaper than expected.

I have a land.
Can I get the house for free?

Rooms start at 3…5k each.  Do everything different than expected. Care less how it should be done. Just make sure its a durable premium product that survive time and its energy efficient to the core. The house doesn’t shine here. But it shines at maintenance and upgrades. Unfortunately there is no single trick or miracle material that I could describe in a line. There are hundreds of tweaks that are totally different. As they say the devil is in the details. Visit the old website: a few tricks we use.

Repairs & upgrades price comparison of : repairmen of leaking pipes, adding thousands of cables for home automation, re painting the house, changing structural elements like facades, ceilings, piles even foundations, re positioning the kitchen or bathroom. Compared to classical building methods: in most cases long time maintenance, minor and major upgrades cost under 3%. As an extreme example :  a few rooms can be added under 24h. Anything less than this … can be replaced, upgraded in minutes or hours ata  symbolic price.

Built for grand kids. Out lives other homes. Small waves shouldn’t be a problem on a  structural level. Among the best choices for tornado alley. Japanese woodworking that stood for millennia in the epicenter of earthquakes fused with yacht building techniques and the recipe of the pyramids will make sure the house is safe. The house is lightweight and extremely durable. It’s flexible on microscopic and structural level as well. The house is drying even while it rains.

Sustainability, zero energy house. It will be among the most energy efficient houses on the market. Materials …and the quantites they are used is easy on nature. Statistics and numbers will come soon. Regarded to carbon footprint it will be a huge difference.

Take a walk in the house.

Take a walk in the house. Move freely like within a 3d game. Open it on a desktop computer. Select the images below.

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