Nature. We are designed by nature to live in the outdoors and breathe fresh air. Living in our houses limits the airflow to short periods of times. That is inefficient and not the healthiest way of living.


Optimal airflow. There are studies that look into how much air we need in the office environment, while sleeping, at home, in the living room, while doing sports or in a classroom. If we can setup a constant airflow and make it constant without the usage of air conditioning, then we have really made the best choice from all points of view.


Mold and tiles. The lack of constant airflow forces us to put tiles in the bathroom in order to prevent the appearance of mold. In nature there is plenty of rain, water and water vapors, however mold will not appear because of constant air movement.


Instead of “healing” the problem…the cause itself we put a “Band-Aid” on it. Experimenting with materials from mold is like a “band aid”. “Extreme materials” like: reed, or fur or huge edgy rocks  near the shower would be nearly impossible to keep dry in a cold climate.


We solved it this way. We create a symbioses  between the house and underground lake. We simply pump the used air from the house into the lake. The hot air will heat up the lake in the winter keeping it at a good temperature. While the air bubbles move through the water particles, pollen and other microbes will remain in the water thus helping with the purification of the air.


The plants that are positioned on the upper part of the lake will also oxygenate the air filled with Co2. Then the purified air that went through the water and was cleaned by the plants is pumped back in the house.


This way heat loss is minimal (especially in the cold winters), we will get a crystal clear air without harmful particles in it and the airflow will be constant and “strong” without much of heat loss. Check out the greenhouse effect.


Arduino. Additional opportunities: by using Arduino and raspberry phi systems  we will know the exact temperatures, CO2 levels and humidity. If we are not at home (hyperlink 390 / 75) we might even stop the airflow. The Arduino systems will optimize everything so that we have nothing to worry about.


Clean air, mold. Our children will be breathing the cleanest air, with a minimal output on our part. The temperatures will be just perfect all year round, even in the coldest winter or in the hottest summer. Replacing the wet air particles with dry ones is the solution to live mold free. Just check this out.


By moving air we’ll be able to put almost every material in the bathroom. Just think about reed or edgy rocks that retain water. They will be mold free. You won’t pay a fortune to heat it up. Note: we aim to produce more energy that we consume. We move the air all the time so that water vapors won’t have the opportunity to accumulate. Not even on “extreme” materials.


Zero energy. Being paired with a zero energy house and the underground lake will help us. Basically it will provide the bathroom, and house with plenty of dry and hot air. Needless to mention it does it for free.


It’s like a formula 1 car. You don’t use 30 l of fuel at once; you give the engine 1,2 drops of fuel in every split of a second. That is what we do, that is what we must to.


Affordable. We use cheap Arduino sensors that usually cost from 1$ to 5$ each to solve this.  Everything is optimized like a formula 1 car. It may sound like science fiction but it’s a child’s-play and extremely affordable.


Study. I mean the whole system could cost a few thousand $ in plus but in 3-4 years the initial investment will come back and the house will produce more energy than you’ll ever need. Check out the studies we made. (75 sq. meter study) (400 sq meter study)