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An “architecture office”  driven to build: the best in class zero energy, passive, sustainable real estate. From greenhouses to homes and everything in between. We design new buildings & modify old ones as well.

Example 1 … a poultry farm. A free range sustainable chicken farm that cleans and runs itself in a sustainable way. Less humans needed. Overall building cost & maintenance kept below 1/10 (compared to the industry standards).

Example 2 … a greenhouse  that delivers your products on the market weeks in advance. Being early might double profits. Don’t compete, or sell low like everybody else does.

Example 3  …  a warehouse: that can house 3 times more, needs no humans to get things in an out. Keeps itself above freezing point at all times. Without none of fancy, expensive equipment.

Example 4  …  a premium family home within normal houses price range. A house that cost merely nothing to maintain & repair in the long run.

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