Build premium homes starting from 3-5k $ per room. Learn about a new building method that can make this possible. This site provides information about how to build:


best in class premium, sustainable real estate at an affordable price. Scroll down for architectural details, blueprints, group discussions & answering questions …

Not bound to a size, style, shape or form.

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Solution is at the button of the page. However you might read about additional benefits here.


Rooms start at 3…5k each. The house doesn’t shine here. It really shines at maintenance and durability. Unfortunately there is no single trick or miracle material that I could describe in a line. There are many.


Repairs & upgrades. Compared to classical buildings: maintenance, minor and major upgrades could cost under 3%. No breaking walls and re painting needed to upgrade a section. Rooms can be added in under a week. Anything less than that shouldn’t take more time than half a day.

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How to do it?

Built for grand-kids. Loves extreme climate. Engineered to love the extreme. Among the best choices for tornado alley, raising waters, earthquakes or constant blizzards.


Ancient Japanese techniques that last millennia fused with modern yacht building. The house is lightweight and extremely durable. Flexible on microscopic and structural level. It dries even while it’s raining.


Sustainability, zero energy house. Talk about the most energy efficient houses on the market. Save on the monthly bills. Big time. The choice of construction materials … and quantities needed should be easy on nature, and on our pockets as well.

Friction of the maintenance.
Plug & play components.
Repair damages within minutes.

Moving kitchen … bathroom.
The whole plumbing can be re-positioned within hours.

Affordable premium home.
A premium home … for less.
We should afford luxury.

Smart home cables.
Smart home cables can be added at any time. Takes minutes or hours.

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Among the safest homes.
Live in one of the safest places.

Sustainable & zero energy.
Non of big fat monthly bills.

Banks & rates.
It pays itself in record time.

Durable materials.
Last 2-3 times more than classical homes.

How to save thousands with plumbing & cables?
Repairing a water leakage … adding a kitchen counter in the middle of the living room can be done with ease. None of vacuum cleaning required. An upgrade with tens of cables for a smart home, or changing the whole roof can be done under a few hours. Literally.


Building time.
Assembling on site could be managed within a 10-14 days’ time frame. The garden won’t be destroyed. None of concrete powder, mud, heavy equipment or noise involved in the process.


Asthma | mold.
The walls, the roof, even the floor is constantly drying. Water accumulation will be prevented. Can’t guarantee a sleepless night …. however humidity will be kept within a perfect range.

Will discuss the small house as a case study. As an example. We’ll dissect the blueprints in an easy to understand way. Even a 5th grader will get the main ideas. If that’s a concern.

With local engineers, crafts persons anybody will be able to apply the principles to a bigger home to achieve great results. Join the club and debate how to build premium, durable, sustainable, eco-friendly homes at a fraction of the price.

The methods, topics are related to family size houses, maybe duplexes within a garden. We wont discuss 3-4 story buildings and skyscrapers. Its not for a crowded metropolis.

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