Are you doing anything related to real estate? Let me write you the best articles, websites to gain true fans. I won’t bother you just deliver on the results.

Check out my work below. Let me know, have a fabulous day.


Almost all of my works are in english. The exception is the Hungarian YouTube. In 2 months period managed to rank my YouTube videos on first page:


Real estate, real estate investments, buying apartment, apartment for rent, container homes, buying homes, solar panel, real estate agent, cheap concrete, financial news 2021, real estate prices, greenhouse building. (ingatlan = real estate)

For the first videos I gained most of the traffic with SEO. The numbers on the images are the real ranking order on youtube. I saved the images back then. It was a suprise for me. Unfortunately in the past months tube buddy is not allowed to tell the real ranking order. A  new rule.


The best real estate youtubers in the country averages 2-3k views on their videos. I stopped and switched to english.


Usually I got 5-8 minutes watch times per video. Check out the youtube channel.

Real estate articles … My website

Save with sustainable houses …older articles
How to build sustainable houses under 5k (new articles)
Few ideas how to colonize Mars

Increased profits for the biggest luxury resort.

Few years back I built a website for the biggest luxury resort (West of the country). It had 70-90 pages in a plain simple, Ralph Lauren-ish approach.


The website promoting the real estate gained dozens of weddings and tens of thosands in extra ravenue. It had social site type of watch times. It showcased the precious memories, somehow the fairy tale. Couples booked from different countries … not even seeing the place before.

20k-4k real estate group.

Admin | owner of the biggest 21k , 4k facebook groups related to buying and selling real estate in Hungary.

Real estate group 1  /  Real estate group 2

8.8k Pinterest followers

About to pass 9000 followers on pinterest. Mostly realestate, sustanable furniture, sustainable landscaping near the house. Eco houses and such. Currently 1.1 million monthly views.

50-70 % read threw rates on medium

Few articles on medium. They have a 50-70% read through rate. Real estate improvements. Energy efficiency hacks at existing real estate. Sustainability.
Check out the articles. 

LinkedIn articles

Top trending on Quora

In 2 days and 40+ articles managed to be among top accounts within “chicken coops” niche. Wrote few articles how to build self-cleaning … sustainable “versions”.

Sofia real estate. (Bulgaria)

On my summer vacation I made a few time lapses in Sofia. Tried to rank them. And at my suprise it worked out.  Sofia business center, Sofia greenhouse, Sofia real estate.

Unfortunately Bulgaria is like Hungary in a way … seo and ranking great won’t help with massive traffic. Check out the videos here. 

Website for head designer top retail chain.

Seo wasn’t the point … nor ranking. My idea was she plays a different game. She just needs to show in half a line: that she can run the show for the biggest companies.  Check it out here.

My LinkedIn profile

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