self-cleaning chicken coops.

Keeping a few chicken as a hobby or is it at a grand scale? Compared to conventional chicken coops  ,,, building cost might be as low as 1/10. Engineered to love extreme weather.


Check out the list of benefits below. Techniques that transforms a former overwhelming burden into an automated, leisure activity. It runs itself without humans for days, if not weeks.

1/10 of the building price compared to conventional chicken farms.
Save fortunes & increase profits.

self-cleaning chicken coops

Within the forum we’ll discuss different designs. The extremes of tornado alley, alpine avalanches, raising waters, constant rains, and bush-fires shouldn’t be a problem. They are designed not to harm forest like other agricultural activity. Instead it helps to re-claim the Sahel. Transforms sand fields in grassland..


The coops mostly clean themselves and barely need human presence. Building cost vary depending on the model and location. As a guide: compared to traditional chicken farms or cops initial cost in average might be as low as 1/10. Yes. You’ll see why.


Cut down on workmanship & expensive machinery. The coop accelerates nature to deal with bacteria and viruses. If it doesn’t decompose them immediately … it keeps them apart till it happens. Skip spending lots of time on working, managing employees or chemicals.


In uncertain times some industries will vanish overnight. Food will stay. Consider “pennies” worth of investments …to beat multi million dollar companies on the market. With this coops you can compete than win. At least regarded to construction, maintenance and the investment part.

none of banks needed

Lough hedge funds, startup money, banks directly in the face. None of sleepless nights in the process. Not borrowing money is the safest … risk free way to establish, and grow quickly. Find out why landlords might stay in line to convince you to use their property for free. You’ll see. No miracle product or get rich scheme. Just a few really smart advantages to close win win deals.


Nature does most of the work. We don’t fight wildlife, but tap into its raw power to create best business outcomes. Be it at a small on a grand scale. Find out why youtubers, vloggers will be likely to advertise your products in a year in advance with no upfront money on your part. Find out what to tell them.


Avalanches, terraforming, re-claiming the Sahel, wildfires, sand storms, raising waters, 2 story height snow? Engineered to love the wildest conditions.

Want to provide top quality food to your family, or to the whole neighborhood? Time has come to consider the idea again.

the cutting edge of chicken coops

Get the tools needed.

Who is it for?
It’s for you if you want to reduce your daily chores 10 fold compared to traditional and free range chicken coops. Ge rich quick rich schemes are not my thing, neither yelling business advice. I won’t promises anything else but the cutting edge of chicken coops bound with nature itself on a DNA level.


Who is it not for?
For the ones who like doing literally nothing and blame others because their failure. Nor this or anyone can help them. A gym membership. Doing pushups does.


This is a paid membership THAT BILLS MONTHLY AND YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE AND STOP PAYING at any time. The usual money back guarantee if your unhappy about it. You’ll be able to see how it work, and you’ll get the newest details and updates. How to make it even smarter.


To be able to log in and receive and share ideas you’ll need a Gmail email. The platform we use its Microsoft team. Just  move forward you have nothing to lose.