Co2 enhancement for greenhouses

This article is for those who own a greenhouse and want to increase profits with free Co2 enhancement. Study of ministry of Canada says co2 enrichment costs fortunes. Do it for pennies. Learn instead about this sustainable method.

Did you know that plants yield way better with co2 enhancement?
Save fortunes & increase profits.

Co2 enhancement for free

In the dinosaur era Co2 was way-way more abundant than nowadays. Lavish luxuriant forest covered the earth and fed monstrous animals.


Nowadays Co2 levels hit rock button..Compared to their golden era and plants “barely survive”. Research shows that most plants produce incomparable better yields and profit if the air is filled with additional co2.


Classical co2 enhancement costs literally fortunes. They need a huge infrastructure and complicated and expensive machinery … that maybe … just recreational cannabis growers can afford because of the big profit margins.


Problems: Letting in fresh air filled with co2 down the greenhouse. Keeping it closed and burning gasses will produce toxins to us humans and plants as well. Packaged co2 and machinery on a bigger scale is extremely expensive.

list of benefits

Earlier & later on the market?
Because the machine produces co2 and heat: there is no reason to ventilate the greenhouse in the spring (more about water vapors in a moment). The greenhouse effect + greenhouse gasses will work stronger. In some cases you might be weeks earlier on the market selling at a premium price. Without local competition. Growth period extends well.

Save on chemicals & minerals.

Decaying plant matter is sterilized on the spot. Except the “fruit”. Therefore most part of the minerals go back to the ground. Earth is not depleted that fast. Save big on chemicals and minerals.


Traditional co2 enhancement cost fortunes. It’s not financially affordable. The machines I built cost 600-1000$.Consumes 100W/h electricity.It can fill up  a medium sized greenhouse with ease.


Burning gases, composting produces significant quantities of harmful byproducts to humans and plants. Here: none of dangerous quantities of flammable methane, laughter gas or other harmful toxins.

Maintenance costs..

The machines run on hay, straw bale, leaves, grass, field grass, … mostly on junk. Therefore maintenance is almost free.. The bulk of energy is consumed by the fans to redistribute the co2 within the greenhouse.

Heating bills & water vapors.
Plants use up the co2 within the greenhouse and they fills it up with water vapors’ That can cause mold and diseases. With an additional trick we can collect all of the humidity at industrial levels. No expensive equipment or huge monthly bills, external ventilation required.

Pests and diseases.
Pests, bugs, diseases, dead plants, even animal manure or crops can be sterilized lightning fast.

Desert & soil.
Be it an aquaponic system or not. The machine accelerates building up healthy soil lightning fast..

Sustainable & free.
Think about it like a backwards photosynthesis. It is not composting. It is way more efficient than that. It keeps minerals in the earth.

Hospital grade sterilization.
Materials positioned in the machine are sterilized at hospital grade. E Coli and viruses are decomposed quite fast.


Was pessimistic first. But when I’ve seen it working in changed my mind. The machine produces lots off co2 for sure. We put the measuring device at the output vents and 2000ppm co2 come out in huge quantities.


It smelt like burn  wood. After a moment I get used to it. Nothing is rotting. It has a smell but not the end of the world. Hot air came out of the machine.


It smelt like grass/ hay. Hot air left the machinery. First I thought it was an eccentric idea. At this point I asked what can I help him with.


Zsolt is the worst crafts person ever. He cant change a light bulb. I was amazed he built this whole machinery and it worked.


Unorthodox construction methods and materials chosen for the material let him reduce the construction cost to 1…10 /1…20 compared to traditional building methods. This machine would cost thosands of euros he made it from pennies.


Seen it in first stages. I need to crawl under an ice sheets to get near the machine. However it was not operating for days it was so smartly built the base temperature showed 18C. And the air was dry.


There is a big mechanism that rotates the materials in the inside. And lots of wires and sensors to optimize it. That keeps the perfect environment. Like composting at formula one level.


He opened it. Explain it for 30 seconds and immediately got the big picture. It was like an aha, epiphany moment. Its so simple. It was in front of our eyes but nobody can seen it. He pushed nature to extreme levels.


We measured co2 levels at the output. The machinery wasnt even wormed up and it was loaded at 1/5 of its capacity and it pushed out large quantities of 2000ppm of co2 in the air.

o. Istvan

Didn’t believe him for months about building this is a good idea ot it will work. I’ve seen it. It work exactly as described. Have no idea how he will use it, or or who will want it. We don’t have greenhouses in our area.


Shocking how the materials loaded into the machine transform so fast. Everything happens lightning fast. Works on turbo. Not a traditional composting for sure. Never seen speeds.


Helped him to put a few bales in the machine. Within 48 hours the machine was almost empty. Never seen something like that. Not at that speeds. The leftovers are clean. Nothing to fear in any way.

Problems with current versions.

Every living organism has a smell. In our case nothing is rotting or producing harmful bacteria or toxins in large quantities. However it definitely it has a smell. You notice it at first, than it doesn’t bother that much.

For agricultural uses that shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if we compare it with the huge benefits. The current versions are not a great fit for zoos or public botanic gardens. Research has to be done.

Mass production in this version doesn’t make that much sense. Transportation and paperwork would cost more than the machine itself. The best option would be to send the blueprints to your local craftsman/s or do it yourself. On site.

The machinery itself its super simple at first glance  But you need to understand how it works. It has a learning curve for sure.

We’ll help you step by step.

A simple pdf and a tutorial video won’t be enough. It’s a bit tricky till you understand it. Needs a bit of trial and error at the beginning. A membership & constant feedback would solve most upcoming issues.

Questions will be answered within a likely minded community from all over the globe. The membership fees will be used for further research and helping you out. Like an open source project. This way you don’t have to experiment at your own.

That we, or most have similar results doesn’t mean you will have the same. There are hundreds of factors. You are not buying an end product like a car or a TV. The membership fees and forum is meant to sustain a community and help further research.

Join the community where we share freely our ups and downs. We use microsoft teams as a platform. Note that the membership is billed monthly and you can cancel it at any time.


No risk at your part. Try it for a few days. If you don’t like what you see. Or you find its not for you you’ll get your money back. No questions asked on our part.