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Sustainable houses : find the sales page here.

Lately lots have gone bankrupt, many are in doubt to make big-investments. Be it cash or a bank loan: locking up money is avoided. Especially now. Who can this club & houses help out the most? It’s for those who want to play it safe.  Not owing anybody. Sleeping well in the evening. Basically choosing security in a way. Knowing the monthly rates and expenses are safe to handle. Even if something bad happens.


Change jobs easier. They can quit their current workplaces faster. It wont be a financial suicide. Owners will  have to work less not paying huge rates to banks. In the extra free-time gained not working for banks they can start their side hustle.


And yes I openly call a financial disaster buying a house that you need to pay for decades. When things go wrong, people end on the street within a year.Whats that if not a financial disaster?


Duplexes or triplexes can start a real estate rental business quite fast. You can write down expenses as business investment.Basically playing a rich man’s game.  Thankfully these sustainable houses cost way-way less to build and maintain. Especially if the sustainable houses are positioned off-road like a 4×4 vehicles. With a picture perfect view. We need less money upfront … and the end result will be nothing than spectacular. Even related to rent.


In case of a crisis: this house cost-sway less to maintain or repair. Again: the initial investment was less. Therefore it can be rented out at a deal; however profit remains the same if not even more. (Than normal houses). While others might go bankrupt, these houses strive in a way.


Vacation rental community in a gold rush mindset. Many are in trouble now. These houses are best for young families that don’t want to lock down all of their earnings.


For the ones who want to reinvest their money in their business or they want to start a side hustle.  Maybe freelancers,for those who travel a lot, and at a point they decide to build a home base. Just in case.Is for the ones who want to rent out houses as a living. Building a new one every year and so. The advantage here is enormous.


Banks will evaluate the houses way more than the initial building price. So they “throw” money on the owner for the next investment. It will be the safest investment on their viewpoint.  They will give the smallest rates. The numbers speak. Banks land out small money. They see profit and the house is evaluated way more than expected. Again: rich man’s game. sure houses won’t guarantee success at all. But it’s a great tool to use.


Even in the midst of a financial crisis: less workmanship is needed. Automation and buying bulk materials can achieve extraordinary results. There are just a few repeating components, no experienced, spoiled  craftsman needed for months onsite.  Note current solutions are not the best for 3-4 or multi-level buildings. Young couples and persons who follow real estate investments should be open about the idea.


Stephan Graham‘s channel would be a great target audience as an example. He speaks about real estate investments. However he lives in one of the most expensive areas in the globe. Near Beverly Hills.


Here the terrain itself cost fortunes. These houses work best when the terrain is relatively cheap. It’s not for a downtown metropolis. It’s not meant to be built near skyscrapers at all.


Nowadays people see how easily things can go bad. The tenants can put them out on the streets and they can lose their job. Industries can collapse. They want to secure their future. Houses like that don’t solve all the problems overnight. However they help tremendously.


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