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Check out my quora profile. You might grab some texts from there. Started with the chicken coops …around 80 questions answered in the first 2 days. Co2 machine follows next week !  (no posts yet) You might visit it periodicall.  In the upcoming weeks I will be all in. P.S at this moment it has a bug. It shows just 7 posts on the public side. Notified them about the situation. Quora profile.


Free co2 for greenhouses : find the sales page here.

Government of Canada states it black and white: co2 enhancement works miracles however it cost fortunes. Use the data and reference. It has ultimate credibility regarded to saving and investments. Best reference : ministry of agriculture’s study. Scroll down the button for numbers.
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A story that captivated my friends the most. They started to re tell the same story to others even in my presence. You might tell it in your way as well. Maybe a questionnaire type of marketing would work out the best.
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Keep in mind co2 enhancement is not a miracle and cure for everything. Some plant species skyrocket harvest, some react nothing. Depends on species.


Cannabis growers spend fortunes on co2 enhancement as an example. Their huge profit margins lets them afford the initial investment and maintenance. Strawberries react extraordinary well. They use it at tomato farms as an example.Anything related to cannabis as a keyword might get you in trouble. Most platforms don’t like this keyword and they can ban your account. Be aware of that !!!


How it works? To be more in topic please check out the article what I wrote 2 years back related to first versions. Please don’t oversell the idea as a miracle product that cures everything. The machine and solution works perfectly. It generates co2 in massive quantities.
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Keep in mind “we are on a farm.” things get messy especially in the learning period. As mentioned the automation and cleaning needs more to be done. And that’s why the forum exists. To keep people updated with the newest improvements. This way is easier and cheaper than figuring it out all alone.


Needless to say …. please don’t do any kind of illegal activity and don’t spam. In case you are not familiar with it already: please look up the “CAN Spam act” and FTC Act regulations for start. If you make a website , social profiles, list etc … Please every given time state that’s a review. Do not act on behalf of clickbank or maverick mansions. Write “review” in the title.You need to mention that you’ are compensated for talking about the product. Otherwise your account’s will be suspended.


For questions  :  zsolt2 @ maverickmansions com