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Check out my quora profile. You might grab some texts from there. Started with the chicken coops …around 80 questions answered in the first 2 days. Co2 machine follows next week !  (no posts yet) You might visit it periodicall.  In the upcoming weeks I will be all in. P.S at this moment it has a bug. It shows just 7 posts on the public side. Notified them about the situation. Quora profile.


Self cleaning chicken coop : find the sales page here.

Check out google trends. You can do it here. Searching after chicken coops raised tremendously all over the globe. It might have started as fear,  then maybe switched to killing boredom being locked down at home. One is for sure. Persons will seek, tend  to switch their offices to work from home. This tendency won’t go away fast.  More and more will own a garden. Working from home won’t keep them in the rush of an expensive city.


Some might be motivated for healthy free range chicken. Some want to start a business. We never know. We might address all of the profiles in different approaches. A business built on this engineering can actually compete and win over multinationals. The initial building cost, buying the terrain, the maintenance is a  fraction of a price compared to traditional chicken farm building.


We try to give an opportunity for some with little or no money to start their own business and dominate the local market. Or at a small scale we help take up the burden of the daily chores  of a family. Basically feeding the society with better food.


Play with the numbers from the excel sheets. There are thousands and millions of chicken coops and farms that come in every shape and size. But at the end of the day somebody has to clean them. Somebody has to buy the materials and build them. Somebody has to buy the land. We change the whole dynamics here.


Needless to say …. please don’t do any kind of illegal activity and don’t spam. In case you are not familiar with it already: please look up the “CAN Spam act” and FTC Act regulations for start. If you make a website , social profiles, list etc … Please every given time state that’s a review. Do not act on behalf of clickbank or maverick mansions. Write “review” in the title.You need to mention that you’ are compensated for talking about the product. Otherwise your account’s will be suspended.


For questions  :  zsolt2 @ maverickmansions com